BTC Zombies Profile and Registration Questions
Yes - BTC Zombies is 100% FREE to play browser-based online game. You only need web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc) and valid email address to be able to play and earn Bitcoin Satoshis.
NO - Players are allowed to have ONLY ONE ACCOUNT per household. Any player who breaks this rule will be PERMANENTLY BANNED from game and his/hers earnings WILL NOT BE PAID.
Yes - Players can invest Bitcoin Satoshis into their BTC Zombies account to speed up camp development, however investing is NOT REQUIRED by any means and game can be played for free without any limitations.
Investing of Bitcoin Satoshis is done through Xapo website. Please Contact Us to get our Xapo Wallet Address and other details/instructions.
Alpha in logo stands for "Alpha Phase" of game development.
Players in-game progress WILL NOT BE RESET after Alpha Phase is over.

Alpha Phase means that game is polished enough to be officially published and played, but it's developement is "not fully finished".

We have lots of ideas for new in-game mechanics and content to be added into game in future, and therefore we wanted to keep "Alpha" in logo as a reminder to our players that game will only become better and more complex in future.
BTC Zombies Economy and Payments Questions
Satoshi Shards are official "currency" of BTC Zombies game.

At the moment of game launch (September 2018) - each Satoshi Shard in game is worth 1 Bitcoin Satoshi. Value of Satoshi Shards might change in future, depending of value of Bitcoins compared to Fiat currencies (US Dollar, Euro, etc...)

In short - if value of Bitcoin increases a lot - Satoshi Shards will be worth less BTC Satoshis, since every BTC Satoshi will be worth more... If value of Bitcoin goes down - Satoshi Shards will be worth more BTC Satoshis, since every BTC Satoshi will be worth less...
Yes, every player gets 1000 Satoshi Shards + some starting resources after registration.
Every 5 minutes - player can send one of survivors to loot one building in town.

There are 3 things that define potential loot:
1. Survivor Level - Survivor can loot only buildings of equal or lower level. For example - Survivor Level 21 can not loot Level 22 Buildings.
2. Building Level - Building Level defines maximum amount of some resource that can be looted from building.
3. Luck - Loot in every building is random number between 1 and Building LVL.

In theory - maximum potential revenue is 99 resources every 5 minutes.
Do not forget that some resource are worth only 1 Satoshi Shard per unit (Food, Water), while some other resources are worth 10 Satoshi Shards per unit (Sand, Cement).
Looting 99 units of Sand or Cement would be worth astonishing 990 Satoshi Shards.
This requires lots of dedication (to level up survivor to level 99) and LOTS and LOTS of LUCK (so that survivor won't get killed on his/hers way to reaching LVL 99) - but it IS possible.

Some more realistic revenue is between 1 and 30 or 40 resources every 5 minutes (since getting survivor to levels 30-40 is not that hard or impossible)...
Just by equiping good weapon and armor - player can raise level of his/hers survivor by 10 Levels (5 for weapon + 5 for armor).
From there - Survivor Levels 20 or 30 are just 10 or 20 Levels away...
Player can request payout as soon as 2 conditions are fulfilled:
1. Player must have at least 10000 Satoshi Shards in his/hers profile.
2. Player must have at least 1 alive Level 21 or higher Survivor in camp at the moment of requesting payout.

If both conditions are fulfilled - we will:

1. Calcualte value of players Satoshi Shards in Bitcoin Satoshis (at the moment 1 Satoshi Shard = 1 Bitcoin Satoshi).
2. We will send players Bitcoin Satoshis to his/hers Xapo Wallet.
* At the moment of writing this - there are no Fees for sending Bitcoin Satoshis from one Xapo Wallet to another - so there will be no Fees deduction from amount of Satoshi Shards earned. If this changes in future - Players payouts will be reduced by the amount of Satoshis we have to pay to cover Xapo Fees.
At the moment we are only sending payments via Xapo. Reasons for giving Xapo advantage over other Bitcoin Wallets are:
1. Zero Fees for sending Bitcoin Satoshis from one Xapo Wallet to another Xapo Wallet.
2. Xapo users can order debit card and use funds from their Xapo Wallet to buy things online or to withdraw cash on ATM machines all over the World.
Unfortunately, FaucetHub does not offer internal transactions in their system (like PayPal, Skrill or Xapo for example) :( The only way to "send" Satoshis from FaucetHub Wallet is to withdraw them to external BTC Wallet and fees for doing that are enormous compared to payout minimum of 10000 Satoshis we have at BTC Zombies :(

We are 100% sure FaucetHub will not be added as payout option (unless they add internal transactions between two FaucetHub users in future).
BTC Zombies Gameplay Questions
All equipable items in BTC Zombies fall into 2 categories:
1. Weapons (bonus from +1 to +5 Levels)
2. Armors (bonus from +3 to +5 Levels)

When survivor equips new item - old item will be destroyed and will not be returned into Your inventory.
Another important thing to remember is that weaker item can replace stronger one - so by doing so you might weaken your survivor.

An Example:
Survivor wears Metal Armor which gives +5 Levels to survivor. If You equip Plastic Armor (gives only +3 Levels) to that survivor - his/hers overal Level will DECREASE and You will lose Metal Armor that survivor used to wear.
Every Attempt to Reroll Building Level (or Both Level & Type) costs 100 Satoshi Shards.

In BTC Zombies there are 3 categories of buildings in towns:
1. The first building (House) in every player's town. This building is not changeable. Neither Level or Type of this building can be rerolled.
2. Buldings from place #2 - #42 can be completly changed (both building type and level can be rerolled). List of possible Levels are listed below...
3. The last 8 buildings in every player's town (buildings starting with "Fire Station" and ending with "College". Type of these buildings is permanent and can ot be rerolled. Level of them can be rerolled and can range from Level 20 up to Level 99.

Potential Reroll Levels for Buildings:
* Building #1 - House, Level 1
* Buildings #2 & #3 - Level 1-5
* Buildings #4 - #7 - Level 1-10
* Buildings #8 - #10 - Level 1-15
* Buildings #11 - #13 - Level 5-20
* Buildings #14 - #16 - Level 10-30
* Buildings #17 - #20 - Level 10-40
* Buildings #21 - #30 - Level 20-50
* Buildings #31 - #37 - Level 20-75
* Buildings #38 - #42 - Level 20-99
* Building #43 - Fire Station, Level 20-99
* Building #44 - Courthouse, Level 20-99
* Building #45 - Prison, Level 20-99
* Building #46 - Military Base, Level 20-99
* Building #47 - City Hall, Level 20-99
* Building #48 - Power Plant, Level 20-99
* Building #49 - Train Station, Level 20-99
* Building #50 - College, Level 20-99
You can stay away/offline for as long as You wish - Your camp, resources and survivors will be waiting for You. Game will act like You paused it until You come back...

The only thing You must pay attention to - is to make sure You have enough Food & Water to cover daily needs of survivors for the first day after Your return. The first time You login after being away - an in-game mechanism will consume Food & Water survivors require for upcoming day. If there is not enough Food or Water - some of Your survivors will die.

Same goes for camp defenses - make sure Your camp level is higher then upcoming Zombies Attack - otherwise You might suffer loses as soon as You login (if Zombies Attack gets to be succesfull).
In case all of survivors in Your camp get killed - have no worries !!!
Game will automatically add 5 new Survivors into Your camp so You can continue playing.

Satoshi Shards: All Buildings in game.
Survivors, Bite, Death: All Buildings in game.
Weapons: Various weapons can be looted from almost all Buildings in game.
Food: Houses, Bildings, Shops, Pizzeria, Restaurant, SuperMarket, Shop, Bakery, Fast-Food, etc...
Water: Houses, Storages, Buildings, Pizzeria, Restaurant, SuperMarket, Shop, Garage, BusStation, etc...
Meds: Some Houses, Some Buildings, Hospital, School, SuperMarket, Shop, Drugstore, Dentist, Gym and College.
Wood: Some Houses, Some Storages, BusStation, Bookstore, Park, CityHall and TrainStation.
Metal: Some Storages, BusStation, Gym, PowerPlant and TrainStation.
Gas: Some Houses, GasStation, Garage, BusStation and PowerPlant.
Plastic: Some Houses, Some Storages, Cinema, School, SuperMarket, Shop, Museum, BusStation, GameStore, PostOffice, College, etc...
Glass: Some Houses, Some Storages, Hospital, Restaurant, School, SuperMarket, Drugstore, Dentist, Museum, GameStore and College.
Sand: Some Houses and Factory.
Cement: Only in Factory.
Clothes: Some Houses, Some Storages, Some Buildings, Factory, School, PoliceStation, SuperMarket, Shop, Museum, Garage, etc...
Paper: Some Bildings, Cinema, Bank, School, Library, SuperMarket, Hotel, Bookstore, GameStore, AntiqueShop, PostOffice, etc...

Cost of looting any Building in game is 1 Satoshi Shard.
About Us & BTC Zombies
We are small company located in N├╝rnberg, Germany.
Our first published game,, was published back in 2015 and it's still running today, after 3 years of being online.

We learned a lot from running Epic Museum so we implemented all of that knowledge and experience into BTC Zombies which is uncomparably more dynamic and complex game compared to Epic Museum. developement started back in December 2017.

In early March 2018 we had the first "working" version of game (start of "Beta Phase").
Back then, in-game economy was unbalanced, there were some in-game mechanics that were too complicated for players, there were graphical and technical bugs, etc etc...

Few months in Beta Phase polished game enough to be officially published and played.
In Mid-August 2018 game entered Alpha Phase and was officially launched for public in early September 2018.

Game will stay in Alpha Phase for as long as we have more ideas for new in-game mechanics or in-game content that can be implemented into game in order to improve gameplay and game complexity.

Free To Play

BTC Zombies is 100% FREE to play online game in which players can earn Bitcoin Satoshis by succesfuly running small post appocalypse community.

Contact Us

If You have any problems, questions, suggestions, complaints - We are here for You !!! Feel free to contact Us and we'll give our best to help.

In-Game Economy

Everything in BTC Zombies has value in Bitcoin Satoshis. Develop Your Survivors community and build long-term passive income of BTC Satoshis.